Special Services - Revenue / Loyalty Programs for E-ticket Clients

    Revenue and Loyalty Programs

    Loyalty Program - Upon cancellation, you can offer your members the chance to stay on at a reduced rate or join another site. If they do not accept, we direct them to the URL of your choice. We also provide this service to your members from our call center.

    Cross-Sale Program - Upon sign-up, WTS offers you the ability to cross-sell or up-sell with one of our other merchants or another one of your sites.

    Custom Pages and Receipts - WTS can customize our join, accepted, cancel, cross-sell and up-sell pages to help you improve your conversions and retention. We can also customize our email receipts to promote other products or services, or offer up-sells to premium services without the need to re-enter personal and bank account information.

    Membership Upgrades - WTS supports multiple levels of membership, which can be upgraded at anytime. This has proven to be a very useful feature for subscription-based sites.

    One-Click Offerings - This feature can offer existing customers the opportunity to purchase additional goods/services with just a click.

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