Gateway Services - Reporting and Reconciliation

    Online Reporting:

    WTS provides detailed reporting that is available online. We provide you a secured server where you can access your statistics (via a Pin code) 24 hours a day.
    • - Real-time tracking for sales
    • - Affiliate tracking, reporting and accounting
    • - Complete details of charge-backs, credits, returns and refunds
    • - Daily, Monthly, Yearly transaction history reports
    • - Multiple groupings for partnership programs
    • - Accounting statistics for each pay period
    • - Cross Sale Reporting
    • - Retention Reporting
    • - Payout Reports
    • - Active Member Report
    • - Scheduled Billing Report

    Data Dump:

    WTS can automatically FTP/SFTP your transaction data to provide for affiliate stats and payment processing, as well as internal accounting. Sponsors who have their own affiliate / accounting / reporting software can use this data dump to import all necessary information. The data is comma delimited.

30 Days FREE* processing!

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