WTS E-ticket Features

    Easy set-up with NO charge:

    Our Managed (E-ticket) program can have you set up within 24 hours of account approval and we will be there to address any custom requirements you may need to run affiliate programs, create special offers, customize join pages, develop cross-sell promotion, etc. We pride ourselves on our merchant and technical support.

    Real-time Account Verification:

    We provide this at no charge! WTS uses the ATM switches to determine in real-time whether a check is likely to be returned. This service eliminates entries on closed, frozen and invalid account numbers, as well as provides for certain enhanced NSF warnings. Currently, the coverage is approximately 50% of the account numbers in the US banking system. This means much lower returns and fewer "free-loaders".


    WTS provides an in-house collections department to collect funds from bad check writers. We collect the funds owed and add them to your settlements.

    Non ACH Accounts and substitute ABA numbers for ACH:

    WTS automatically converts non-ACH entries into paper drafts, deposits them and adds them to your settlements. What is your current processor doing with sign-ups that are originated from non-ACH institutions such as many credit unions?

    WTS converts non-ACH ABA numbers to proper R/T numbers for institutions that maintain separate numbers than those that appear on a consumer's check. How many sales are you losing by not using WTS?

    Retention and Conversion Programs:

    Loyalty Program - Upon cancellation, you can offer your members the chance to stay on at a reduced rate or join another site. If they do not accept, we direct them to the URL of your choice. We also provide this service to your members from our call center.

    Cross-Sale Program - Upon sign-up, WTS offers you the ability to cross-sell or up-sell with one of our other merchants or another one of your sites.

    Custom Pages and Receipts - WTS allows you to customize your join, accepted, cancel, cross-sell and up-sell pages to help you improve your conversions and retention. You can also customize your email receipts to promote other products or services, or offer up-sells to premium services without the need to re-enter the bank account information.

    Free Trial Membership:

    Merchants can choose FREE TRIAL memberships of any duration or paid trials with a $2.95 minimum.

    Service Fee:

    Contact us for a quote! We will meet or beat any other processor.

    Recurring Billing:

    WTS offers recurring billing for membership sites. Subscription sales can recur from trial, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. WTS automatically re-runs any recurring that is returned for insufficient funds (NSF) and/or pursues proceeds through our collections department.

    WebCam Services:

    WTS offers special applications for Web Cam sites that allows consumers escalating purchasing power based on an increasing verification process. Our system also fully supports Username / Password management, Cross Sales, One-Clicks, Membership Upgrades and several Loyalty programs to maximize your earning potential.


    WTS provides detailed reporting that is available online. We provide you a secured server where you can access your statistics 24 hours a day.

    • Real-time tracking for sales
    • Affiliate tracking, reporting and accounting
    • Complete details of returns and refunds
    • Daily, Monthly, Yearly transaction history reports
    • Multiple groupings for partnership programs
    • Accounting statistics for each pay period
    • Cross Sale Reporting
    • Retention Reporting
    • Payout Reports
    • Active Member Report
    • Scheduled Billing Report

    Data Dump:

    WTS can automatically FTP/SFTP your transaction data to provide for affiliate stats and payment processing, as well as internal accounting. Sponsors who have their own affiliate / accounting / reporting software can use this data dump to import all necessary information. The data is comma delimited.

    Fraud Prevention:

    WTS has the largest negative and positive database on the 'Net. We also have a proprietary ACH screening system T.O.A.S.T. (total on-line acceptance scoring test). We provide ABA to Account number algorithm testing and Account number verification where possible, as well as other procedures to reduce fraud. You can expect more settled funds and less returns with WTS.

    Customer Service:

    WTS has a complete customer service department to handle your customer's billing inquiries. We have automated forms for customer cancellations and password problems in order to provide your customers with immediate service.

30 Days FREE* processing!

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